Making a DIY Gumball Machine has never been easier or cuter to do! Make this easy DIY Gumball Machine for birthday party favors or as a fun craft for the kids to decorate at a party answering the question of “what to do at a kids party?”

DIY Gumball Machine made with spray paint and terra cotta pots

If you are looking for a fun and easy craft for your kids birthday party favor or even a cute wedding favor, don’t miss these adorable DIY Gumball Machine party favors! Easy to make with terra cotta pots, these inexpensive party favors are customizable and can be a fun party craft to decorate.

This DIY gumball machine is painted dark pink to go along with my daughters’ JoJo Siwa Birthday Party theme, but you could paint it the traditional red as well. However, if you are doing this as a party favor, start early as you will want time for it to dry and lose any paint smell.

How to Make a DIY Gumball Machine

First the supplies. Click on the links below to see what exact supplies I purchased from Home Depot and Michaels for this project. You want to be particular so that the glass bowl properly fits the terra cotta pot. Note, I made 15 gumball machines and needed two cans of spray paint and only one tube of glue.

DIY Gumball Machine supplies needed

Step 1: Spray Paint the Terra Cotta and Doll Heads

For this step, you definitely want to work outside in a well-ventilated area. I would also suggest using the face mask to protect yourself from inhaling any fumes.

Follow the directions on the spray paint can and start spraying. My tip would be to put the pots and lids on paper plates over an old towel or bedsheet. That way you make less mess and can hold up the plate to get better angles when painting.

DIY Gumball Machine terra cotta pot
DIY Gumball Machine spray painted terra cotta pot

Moreover, there is no need to paint the inside of the pot, just the outside. I find that two coats of paint is sufficient, waiting about 15 minutes after the first coat.

Next, paint the saucers. Apply one coat of paint on the side that will sit on the glass top of the DIY gumball machine, and two coats on the other side. Also spray paint the wooden doll heads.

DIY Gumball Machine terra cotta pot and doll head
spray paint the wooden doll heads on a paper plate with magenta spray paint

Let the pots, saucers, and doll heads dry for at least two hours before moving on to the next step.

spray paint terra cotta lids and pots on paper plates

Step 2: Attach the Doll Heads and Vases

Once dry, you can safely glue on the vase and doll head. For the vase, apply the e6000 glue directly to the pot and then add the vase on top. For the doll head, apply the glue to the bottom of the doll head and position on center of the terra cotta saucer to make the lid.

 glue on top of terra cotta pot
 glued on vase onto terra cotta pot
spray painted lid

Step 3: Dry and Decorate

You want to let the pots have time to fully dry and lose the paint smell before you decorate or give as favors; about 2-3 days is sufficient. When dry, rinse the glass vase to remove any residue if you are planning to fill the DIY gumball machine with candy.

If letting kids decorate at a party, provide them with a variety of puffy paints, stickers or other embellishments. These little gumball machines would also make a great wedding favor. Next, fill them with your favorite candy, add a bow or the couples initials, and done!

Inexpensive and Unique DIY Gumball Machine

This craft is such a unique and fun idea. Kids and adults will love it! You have something that’s customizable and decorative for less than $3 per machine.

DIY Gumball Machine Party Favors set up on a pink table with pink backdrop

Lastly, if having kids decorate the pots at a party, set out a table of fun decorating options like puffy paint, glitter glue, stickers, bows and ribbon.

Easy DIY Gumball Machines
Easy DIY Gumball Machines

Get some great decorating items here:

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Also, comment below and let me know how your DIY Gumball Machine turns out!

Easy DIY Gumball Machines

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