Avoid Halloween candy overload with the Switch Witch! Get this mythical hag to stop by your house this Halloween and replace kids’ candy haul with a toy instead of a sugar hangover and cavities.

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For some parents, the scariest part of halloween is the enormous amount of candy that their kids will munch through! So cue the Switch Witch. Invite this somewhat new (as compared to the Tooth Fairy and Santa) nighttime visitor over to switch out your kids’ bucket of sugary candy.

The concept is simple: leave the bucket of candy at the end of your child’s bed, outside their door, wherever, and in the morning, ta-da! The Switch Witch has taken the candy and substituted it with a new toy that the kid has been asking for and this fun Printable Switch Witch Letter.

**Click Here for the Switch Witch Letter**

At first you may think, bah humbug, what other fun can be taken away from today’s children?! I get it. We all grew up with candy and the after-Halloween sugary side effects.

But the Switch Witch is one bah humbug I’m ready to take! So much easier than having to fight with my kids for the next week about how much candy they can have. It seems that when it’s in the house, it’s all they can think about… me too! So I’m ready to let them have their Halloween fun and get rid of the candy sooner rather than later for the sake of us all.

I don’t mind being called a Halloween Grinch on this one… and hey, I’m replacing it with a toy, not carrots, so you can’t be that mad!

With the Switch Witch you don’t have to worry the unhealthy side effects of Halloween candy overload. And, as a parent, you don’t have to take the blame for it either. But there are some tricks to pulling off this feat, so make sure you plan ahead!

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How to Plan for the Switch Witch

First, don’t wait to tell your little ones until Halloween night about the Switch Witch. Lead up to it the week before and start talking about which toys they’d want her to leave. You could even make it known that the more candy, the bigger the prize.

Second, let them save a few of their favorites. Pack one small treat in their lunch the next day and save a piece or two for dessert that week. That way you’re minimizing the candy overload but not taking away all of the fun.

Lastly, plan ahead. You are going to need to get the toy for your kids ahead of time – nothing too expensive. You don’t want to set an unreasonable precedent for the Switch Witch now! And be sure to print out this Switch Witch Letter so you can leave it with the toy on Halloween night.

There are even books and plush figures to go along with the legend of the Switch Witch. A great idea if you are selling this to little kids!

The Switch Witch is not part of traditional Halloween mythology, so you can tailor the story to how it best fits your kids. Whether it be that the witch takes the candy for charitable reasons, or just cause she’s really hungry! Have fun with it and make it your own Halloween family tradition.

The Halloween Night Plan

Get your kids to leave their buckets of candy, after picking out a few of their favorites, at the foot of their bed. Worried about waking them up? Have them leave it outside their door, or by the front door. That’s the beauty of this. You can start the tradition and make it your own!

Then, when your kids are sleeping, switch the candy for the toy and this Switch Witch Letter. Make it extra fun and wrap the toy if you want. Kids will be so delighted to wake up to a fun surprise, they won’t even miss the candy!

But the key is to discuss the Switch Witch ahead of time rather than saving it for when they are putting on their Halloween costumes! And be sure to hide the candy before you can get rid of it… you don’t want to ruin the tradition now.

What to do with leftover Halloween Candy?

So now that the Switch Witch has payed a visit to your house, what do you do with all of your kids’ candy? (Rather than eating it yourself that is!)

  • Donate it to the troops. Treats for Troops allows you to send treats to soldiers and get a tax deductible receipt for your donation.
  • Halloween Candy Buy Back is an organization created with primarily local dentist offices where you can drop off the candy. Find a participating location on their website.
  • Send it to work! Leave it in a bowl in the break room… it’ll be gone in no time!
  • Send packages of treats to soldiers and first responders with Operation Gratitude.
  • Freeze some of it. Save a couple of your favorite sweet treats and stick them far back in the freezer. Great to add to cakes and milkshakes. Have some leftover Heath Bars? Save them to make this Chocolate Toffee Caramel Cake for the holidays!
  • Check with local Ronald McDonald House Charities about donating the unopened candy for sick kids and their families to enjoy.
  • Save the candy for your kids next birthday party. The little fun-sized treats would be a great filler for a piñata.
  • Use the candy for Christmas decor! Save the jelly beans, smarties, and M&M’s for decorating cookies or gingerbread houses.

Got leftover Milky Way’s? Be sure to check out these recipe for Milky Way Blondies! One of my favorite ways to use up leftover halloween candy.

Invite the Switch Witch this Halloween!

The Switch Witch isn’t about taking the fun out of the holidays. It’s about teaching kids not to equate fun with food. The joy of Halloween can come from dressing up, being creative, and spending time with family. This is one Halloween tradition I’m totally in favor of!

**Click Here for Your Switch Witch Letter**

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