Don’t miss this step-by-step tutorial with pictures on how to make a Hatchimals Cake. Simple and fun cake idea for your kids’ Hatchimals Birthday Party.

Purple and pink Hatchimals cake on a white pedestal with hatchimal toy in the background.

If you’re unfamiliar with Hatchimals, think the Christmas hot toy that parents couldn’t seem to get their hands on! There are the two different Hatchimals, the ones that come in the little eggs that you rub with your thumb, and the big ones that come in large eggs that hatch.

For my daughters 3rd birthday, she decided that she wanted a Hatchimals Birthday Party. After doing some research, I attempted to make a Hatchimals Cake and it turned out pretty good. Please note that I’m not even close to being a professional cake baker and own no special equipment for baking. (This was also my first time using fondant!)

How to Make a Hatchimals Cake

List of Supplies:

  • a photo or actual Hatchimal to copy for your cake
  • cake mix – either boxed or homemade recipe work
  • a good, thick frosting recipe – see my easy recipe below
  • two spherical baking pans like these Wilton Ball 3D Cake Pan – similar shaped glass bowls work too
  • food coloring to match your Hatchimal
  • small package of white fondant like Wilton White Decorator Preferred Fondant Pack 4.4 oz.
  • small package of black fondant like Wilton Black Decorator Preferred Fondant Pack 4.4 oz.
  • toothpicks
  • three cake pop sticks or straws
  • frosting tip for Hatchimals Body like this Wilton Multi-Opening Decorating Tip
  • cotton candy for hair (optional)

Step 1: Bake the Cake

Firstly, you want to start with your favorite cake mix or recipe. You will need a recipe that calls for filing two nine-inch cake pans. This will yield enough to make the body and head for the Hatchimals Cake.

For my cake I used this Classic Vanilla Cake Recipe from Food Network and made my own Basic Cream Cheese Frosting (recipe below) to go with it. In addition, I added sprinkles to the cake batter to give it the speckled look.

two glass bowls on a wire rack with cooked batter.

The cake will need to be baked in half sphere pans. It is recommended that you bake in something similar to this Wilton Ball 3D Cake Pan – however if you have two glass bowls, you could use those as well. This is what I did and it just takes a bit extra work to cut off the excess cake to get them to similar sized half spheres. Just remember to grease the pans well so the cake comes out neatly.

Once baked, allow the cakes to cool slightly on a wire rack before removing from their pans. Additionally, let cool completely and refrigerate or freeze slightly to harden before cutting to shape.

Cooling on a wire rack.

Step 2: Make the Frosting

You will need a thick frosting and a lot of it. Moreover, I would recommend making your own rather than buying since the canned stuff doesn’t work as well for decorating. Here is my super easy recipe for frosting:

Hatchimals Cake

Basic Cream Cheese Frosting for Hatchimals Cake

This basic frosting recipe is perfect because it holds shape well and is great for decorating. 
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Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 24 servings
Calories: 222kcal
Cost: 5


  • 1 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature 2 sticks
  • 8 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature
  • 5 cups powdered sugar


  • In a large stand mixer, cream the butter and cream cheese on medium-low speed for 2 minutes. Add in the sugar, one cup at a time, and mix on low to combine. 


Calories: 222kcal
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In a bowl, save about ⅓ of the cream cheese frosting for the crumb coat on the Hatchimals Cake. Put the rest aside.

Step 3: Assemble the Cake

Secondly, remove the chilled cakes and, using a serrated knife, trim to make to evenly sized half spheres for the body of the Hatchimals Cake. Save the scraps in a separate bowl to make the Hatchimals Cake head.

serrated knife used to shape the body of the cake.

Trim the bottom of one of the spheres so that the cake can stand. Place a bit of frosting on your cake surface and lay down the first layer of cake for the body. Frost the top of the cake and add on the second layer, flat side down.

place frosting on a pedestal.
Frost the half sphere top of the hatchimals cake.
top half of the cake added to the bottom with frosting in the middle on a white pedestal.

Next, place three skewers down the body of the Hatchimals Cake and trim so that about an inch is showing.

insert three skewers down the body of the hatchimals cake.

To make the head of the cake, crumble the remaining cake crumbs and add in about ⅓ cup of frosting. Mix together and use your hands to form a ball out of the mixture.

leftover crumbs in a glass bowl.
add frosting to the crumbs to make a ball for the cake.
head for the hatchimals cake.

Place the ball on top of the Hatchimals Cake body. Refrigerate for 10 minutes to chill before applying the crumb coat.

unfrosted body of the Hatchimals Cake

Step 4: Apply the Crumb Coat

Using the ⅓ reserved frosting, apply a crumb coat all over the Hatchimals Cake. However, this doesn’t need to be neat or perfect since more frosting will go over the body of the Hatchimal. When done, refrigerate while you prepare the remaining items.

Hatchimals Cake body cover in crumb coat frosting

Step 5: Prepare the Fondant

Roll out a small piece of white and black fondant to make the eyes for the Hatchimals Cake. I personally used a pencil to draw a large shape and then a small knife to cut around the inside of the shape for the eyes. If you have a cutter to use for this, even better! To get the eye parts to stick, apply a small amount of water to the back of the fondant before sticking on the iris and pupil.

eyes made out of fondant for the hatchimals cake

Next make the beak. Dye a small amount of white fondant using just a drop of food coloring to make the desired colored beak for your Hatchimals Cake. Knead well to mix in the color. For mine, I used just one drop of blue food coloring to get a light blue color. Roll into a ball and then use your hands to press into a beak shape.

fondant eyes and beak for hatchimals cake

For the wings, dye another piece of fondant using just a drop of food coloring and knead well. Cut into desired wing shape, I just did mine free hand. If you wanted to add designs to the wing, let the fondant dry slightly and draw them on using either food safe markers or just regular thin Crayola markers (just make sure no one eats the wings!)

fondant wings, eyes, and beak.

Set aside the fondant to dry and harden slightly while you frost the rest of the cake.

Step 6: Apply the Hatchimals Cake Fur Frosting

With the remaining frosting, divide about ⅔ of the frosting into one bowl to make the main frosting color for the body of the Hatchimals Cake, reserving the remaining frosting for the belly color. Dye each frosting to desired color and mix well. I used this Wilton Neon Gel Food Color Set to get the colors for my Hatchimals Cake.

Prepare the frosting bag for the body color of the Hatchimal, scooping all of the frosting into the icing bag with multi-opening tip inserted into corner of bag. (I highly recommend using disposable icing bags or ziplock bags for this.)

Wilton Multi-Opening Tip Kit.

Begin by outlining the belly of the Hatchimals Cake using your frosting tip.

outline the belly with frosting for the Hatchimals cake

Next, fill in the remainder of the cake, leaving the belly empty. Yes, this will take a while… patience is key here!

hatchimals cake on a white pedestal with purple frosting

I like to add the beak on the cake before filling in the belly area. To do this, insert a toothpick into the back of the beak and then push it into the face area of the Hatchimals Cake.

Fill the icing bag with the belly icing. You’ll need to reuse the multi-opening tip from the body icing. I like to just snip it off of the bag, wash it the tip, and then reuse it. Fill in the belly area of the Hatchimals Cake with the icing.

pink and purple frosted Hatchimals cake

Step 7: Add the Eyes, Wings, and Hair

Once you are done frosting the cake, you can add on the wings and eyes. This should adhere to the frosting by itself with some gentle pressure.

Hatchimals Cake on a white pedestal

Add the hair last since the cotton candy will dissolve to a sugary mess if added too soon. For the hair, find a piece of cotton candy fluff and secure it on to a toothpick then stick it in the Hatchimals head.

fluffy stuff cotton candy.

I made my entire Hatchimals Cake a day in advance and refrigerated. It was great the next day. Just remember to add the cotton candy right before serving.

how to make a hatchimals cake

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial! I followed it to make a Hatchimal cake for my daughter and it was a huge hit!

    1. I am so HAPPY to hear that! I saw the photos you posted and your cake looks amazing! So glad my tutorial was helpful in making a cake for your daughter. Thanks for sharing! 🙂