Oreo Cookie Spiders

Halloween Oreo cookie spiders with just a couple of ingredients!

Oreo Cookie Spiders are an easy and fun treat recipe that’s perfect for Halloween. Tasty and simple, you’re going to love these cute Halloween cookie treats!

All you need is Double Stuf Oreo cookies, pretzel rods, chocolate chips, candy eyes, and chocolate sprinkles.

Twist apart the Oreo. Place broken pretzel rods into the cream side of the Oreo to make legs.

Add on a dollop of melted chocolate. This will hold the body of the spider together.

Press on the top of the cookie and spread on more chocolate. Top with chocolate sprinkles and candy eyes.

Cute Halloween Oreo Spider Cookies are perfect to make with kids and great for Halloween parties.

Oreo Cookie Spiders are a great Halloween treat. Get the recipe with tips and tricks and make some today!