Curried Couscous

Mediterranean inspired side dish that's ready in just 10 minutes!

Curried Couscous is a great side dish that compliments Mediterranean meals and is perfect for barbecues and meal prep.

Ingredients:  - couscous - cucumber - tomatoes - red onion - olive oil - lemon juice - curry powder

The first step is cook the couscous. You can do this in your microwave! Just mix equal parts couscous and water, butter, salt, and cook for 4 minutes.

When done cooking, fluff the couscous with a fork and let stand for a minute before adding the other ingredients.

Make the dressing by whisking together olive oil, curry powder, lemon juice, and kosher salt.

Add the diced tomatoes, red onion, and cucumbers to the bowl. You could also add in feta, garbanzo beans, and parsley.

Pour on the dressing. Toss the couscous with the veggies and dressing until well combined.

You can serve immediately or refrigerate for later. Just fluff and taste for seasonings before serving.

Serve with grilled chicken, salmon, pita bread, garlic dip, and or lots of grilled veggies and cheese.

Make Curried Couscous today! Get the recipe below and let me know what you think. Enjoy!