Cornbread Stuffing

Cornbread stuffing made with Jiffy corn muffin mix and Jimmy Dean Sausage!

Traditional Cornbread Stuffing with Sausage and Apples is an easy to make recipe with simple ingredients. Perfect for Thanksgiving!

To start, bake up two boxes of corn muffin mix in a 9 x 13 in baking pan. The Jiffy corn muffin mix works perfect here! Make up to 3 days in advance.

Cut the cooled cornbread into large chunks in place in a very large mixing bowl.

Add in the cooked Jimmy Dean's sausage. Also, add in veggies that have been cooked in butter with seasonings.

If making ahead, refrigerate until ready to serve. If baking now, add chicken broth and egg and toss well.

Pour the cornbread stuffing mixture into a large baking dish. Bake covered and then uncover during the last 5 minutes of cooking.

This cornbread stuffing is always a fan favorite and has been tested and perfect for great results every time!

Be sure to get the recipe below for Cornbread Stuffing and add this delicious side to your Thanksgiving dinner!